tie rod ends w/no zirks?

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Jul 12, 2003
My Passat 1.8Turbo (with 81,000 miles on it) stripped teeth from the timing belt and bent all the valves...so instead of spending 5K to fix it, we purchased a 94 cruiser with 200,000 miles. Traded the Passat, plus the 5K and we've now got 2 cruisers in the family. (The other is an 87 fj60 w/265,000 miles). With all the problems we've had with the Passat, I actually feel more confident with the 80, despite the high milage. It's in immaculate condition! You should read the posts regarding the VW/Audi 1.8T engine...

So, my question - the tie rod ends have no grease zirks. They've been replaced obviously. They don't seem to have any play, but I don't see a way to grease them? Should I just replace them - or wait until I detect some play and them replace them?

Thanks for the advice. Guess I'll be on the 60 AND the 80 board now...

Doug Graham
Sounds normal to me. I use a little needle attachment on the end of the grease gun when I think they need some grease.

Same ends on my fj60's HySteer. ;)
Hi Jim,

Thanks - I didn't think to do that. Guess I was confused because the ends I purchased for my 60 from MAF have zirks, and the ends I saw on the SOR site also had zirks, so I assumed that all tie-rod ends have zirks. But you know what they say about "assumptions"

I'll scrounge up a needle!

Doug Graham
It's actually a very good thing that most Ball Joints don't have Grease Nipples.

Want to know why? - I'll tell you why. :flipoff2:

Less chance of Contamination :) :-*
My 60 didn't have zirks but I got the zirk ones. If I still had the 60 I would get OEM ends. I replace the 80 with OEM ends. They are 'more better' than cheap aftermarket ones.

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