Tie rod end help


Jan 5, 2004
Reno NV
Now let's say that the tie rod ends were the cause of my 60 pulling right, what or how would I adjust them and which ones (if any)would have something to do with the straightness of the wheels.

How could I adjust them. I think some were going bad and I ordered some new ones so I want to try to correct the steering pulling to the right a pretty good amount not just when braking but when driving.


Jul 13, 2003
You can't adjust the tie rod ends. The drag links however can be adjusted, and in my own experience can reduce the "play" in the steering.

Pulling to one side however, isn't going to be fixed by adjusting the drag links. If you have wear in your TRE's, then by all means replace 'em.

However, that may or may not fix the problem. You want to figure out where the pulling is coming from. Check the alignment, make sure it's on spec. This can be done in your driveway with a tape measure. Check search for details.

Swap the wheels side to side to make sure it's not a wheel problem.

Check the wheel bearings to make sure one isn't loose.

Check the brakes to make sure these aren't dragging.

Hope this helps!
Jul 8, 2004
Portland, OR
here's the easiest "first check" before you dive into exploring all those other possibilities:

make sure the air pressure in your tires is equal, side-to-side. some people run equal pressure in all 4 tires, some run less in front and more in back. many times pulling can be attributed to low tire pressure.

if it is constant, and not just when braking, your alignment is most probably out of whack or it could be a combination of the things Lovetoski outlined...

-dogboy- '87 FJ60
Nov 16, 2004
In addition to checking wheel bearings, check knuckle bearings . . .

Easy test of both: jack one tire off ground.
grab tire at sides(left-right), 'push-pull' vigorusly'; if sloppy, TRE or whelel bearings (you can hear bearings clunk...)
grab tire top-bottom, push-pull; if sloppy, knuckle bearings or wheel bearings.

Yes, you can have one wheel bearing or one knuckle bearing 'poop out'. Esp. upper knuckles brgs, they don't get bathed: mine have failed because 'roller cage' rusted...
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