Throw away the wheel spacers (IFS hubs to widen your front axle)

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Nov 7, 2016
You use ifs front hubs wich space the wheel further out the hub than solid axle hubs. Nets you about 3 inches wider than stock. Still the same amount of increased wear on your knuckle bearings but definitely better setup than wheel spacers. And you get a slip on roter.

Some pics.
This is how much farther out your hub is going to be. I got dust shield eliminators.

Here is where I am talking about milling it down so the rotor fits over.

1/2" threaded, grade 8 bolts with locking nuts. I also put thread locker on. You don't want these vibrating loose!

Here are the calipers mounted up. I ended up having to put a washer in between the caliper and mounting surface to get the caliper centered on the rotor. Washer is also grade 8. I don't see any problem with this set up due to the fact that there is full contact between the washer and the caliper mounting surface.

The rotor, all stock, no drilling required. This was the main reason I went with this set up. If I nuke a rotor for some reason I can just buy another one and slap it on, no drilling required. Also the rotors are a slip fit on the outside. They are not pressed on with the tire studs. They are also vented rotors.
IFS Hub Conversion

Apparently An alternative to drilling the knuckle for the caliper bolts is The sky spacer it allows you to use your existing caliper mounts, if you were to install the ifs hubs without said spacer your rotor would not line up with the caliper.
Sky's Off Road Design

There’s about a zillion threads about this about how to do it with every combination of Toyota roters and calipers out there.

IFS hubs on a solid axle, no spacer, stock rotors and calipers

IFS parts on solid axle = 3" wider front end,???

Or/And widen a early rear full float axle if your running a disc brake kit... :hmm:
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Many years people have been doing this swap
Would make buying into newer wheels styles a lot less complicated.
Would those hubs work with a FF 45 axle? ie 1977

Looks like yes on a closer read... but then I'd need spacers for the Chevy rotor on the back of the Toy hub.
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Yes they fit on an early full float rear. I also was thinking about doing this to all four corners of my 40.

Full float axles up to 07/80 have the same size Spindle as disc brake front spindles. Axle seal was in the wheel bearing nut.


After 07/80 the spindles got larger to incorporate a axle seal inside the Spindle and the wheel bearing nuts changed to the more familiar style.


Full float axle infrequently asked questions

Your right the issue would be where you place you roter and caliper to match. Weather the rotor slips on to the outside of the hubs and is held in place by bolting the wheel on or pressed onto the back of hub with the wheel studs. But same deal as the front just space the caliper out till it matches.
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Found some interesting info that 80 series rear hubs might fit a 60/70 series full float rear. Widening the stance 2.5 inches. The 80 series disc brake and integrated parking brake might be nice. Haven’t tried this myself but I will be keeping my eyes out for some 80 hubs and backing plates to test this out.

Rear discs on HJ61 - questions

80 series rear hubs to disk brake 70
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