SOLD Third Row Seats - 2000 LX 470 (Tan, Decent Shape) - $100 (1 Viewer)

Sep 27, 2020
The Woodlands, TX
Got some third-rows pulled out of a new purchase. They're in decent shape on the seat side, but the rears have some signs of wear. One good sized gouge (approx 1.5in) on the rear of the driver-side seats. Also, passenger side [bracket-cover?] is a little bit split. Love to say I found it that way, but no. I tore the seat out and did that in the process. Please refer to photos for condition. I'll even throw in the Flaming Hot Cheeto (don't worry, they won't come with food in them. I haven't cleaned them though, just wiped the obvious junk off them. Majority of it looks like it will come out, but there are some decent markings that may be a trick).

Would love to find someone relatively local who could use them, as I suspect shipping them will be a nightmare, but willing to sort that if you're willing to pay for that. $100 and they're yours, unless we have to figure out shipping, in which case, math.


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