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  1. WesSiler

    Third Row Removal is Super Easy

    Just figured I'd share this all in one place so people can find it. Pulled out the third row and its seatbelts today: Tools needed: 14mm socket, ratchet, extension. All the trim can be pulled with your hands alone. Just pop out the outside covers off each seat leg at a time, and each will...
  2. M

    Adding third row seats to GX470 that didn't come with them

    A GX470 that I'm looking at doesn't have third row seats. Were third row seats an option or did they come standard? If they were an option can I buy used ones and install them? If so do I need hardware for the sides and flooring? Anything else I need to know :) Thanks!
  3. A

    3rd Row Seats, Third Row

    Hi, Looking for 3rd row seats for my 2011 LC. Curious what years are compatible. Dealer was no help. Brand new 2017 set on ebay now, but don't want to buy unless there is confirmation they would work for me. thanks, Andy
  4. RFB


  5. mechanist

    Wanted  Third row tan/sable fabric seats

    Need third row fabric seats from 93/94 with sable/tan/brown interior.
  6. B

    Third row seat not locking in place and...

    ...the back rest is loosely-goosey. I'm looking at a LC this weekend and one of the third row seats won't lock in place (on the grab hook) when in the down position. Also, the back rest appears to be missing a bolt or a piece that holds it in place when in the upright position. These are t a...
  7. dswick

    eBay  FZJ80 (96 Tan) Third Row Seats/Front Bumper/ Step Plate Rear bumper

    Just put after market bumpers on and removed 3rd row seats. If you are interested let me know. I am in Memphis, TN. Will ship but you will pay shipping. All in good condition. Make me an offer3rd Row Seats 96 by dswick posted Mar 23, 2017 at 11:09 AM
  8. E

    For Sale  AZ: FJ60/62 third row bench seats (brown)

    As pictured below, $200. Local pickup in Phoenix, AZ.
  9. DirtScaresMe

    rear (third row) speakers - any better way than this?

    So I popped the panel off my 1994 FZJ-80's rear (third row) speakers and it looked like this: I bought a set of Pioneer TS-T110 speakers. Tiny little guys but too big to fit the grill's circle thing. I couldn't get my new speakers to sit flush and get the grills back on. So I bought some...
  10. bicycleagent003

    Free Third Row Seats - Ventura, CA - You Pick Up, Will Not Ship

    Just PM if you're interested. They are gray leather. No seat brackets included. In very good condition. Cheers.
  11. indycole

    For Sale  200 Series 2016 Third Row Seats Terra SF Bay Area

    I installed drawers and really don't see myself using the third row seats. The original seats are one of just a couple items in my storage unit and I figured I may as well see if anyone needs them. I expect they would be like $3-4K to replace but would entertain $1250 for the he seats. They're...
  12. uscmas412

    For Sale  Seat Parts

    I doubt anyone needs these, but I've got the seat belts and plastic trim that goes to the third row seats. Also pictured is one cover for the driver seat power switch. I'd prefer to get rid of all this at once...$35 shipped OBO.
  13. R

    Wanted  Third Row 3rd Row Gray Grey 100 Series

    Looking for Gray Leather 3rd row jump seats for a 100 series cruiser in good condition. I live in St. Augustine Florida. Heading to Cincinnati Ohio for Christmas this sunday. So anywhere along i75 or within reason in ohio I am interested. Looked through classifieds but didn't get any responses...
  14. R

    100 Series Third Row Seating

    Hey guys, long time lurker. I have a 100 series cruiser I purchased to build a camping/road trip rig. The third row seats are missing the plastic and hinges that attach the bottom of the seat to the latches in the floor of the truck. I am having a hell of time a locating these parts, or finding...
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