the ride home from hell...........

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
so to explain a little about the classified post and generally vent about the traveling saga of catastrophes that was my smunday heres a little story for your entertainment

background info is that ive been working in NY for 27 days straight on a pretty killer poolside bluestone patio project. We didnt recieve our coping till saturday at 1:00 pm and worked till 1:00am till the last piece was in. Got up sunday at 5, finished our cuts and caulking, packed our bags, got paid and got the hell outta there. Everyone was ready to get home but the adventure was only beginning.....

10:45 am sunday leave Gardiner NY
11:15 flat tire in the dumptruck
12:45 fixed up side of road for $268
3:45 finally leave NY! 3hrs for 24miles and cost 13.50 in tolls
-- made some good time incident free for a while --
9:45 BOOM dumptruck goes down 295 in richmond
12:45 Crowley bros towing shows up OMG :hillbilly: but $500 for a ride to rdu; SIGN ME UP
1:00 stop for diesel, ring up 200 and go out and cpu sys crashes, no fuel and no refund. Call the store owner to remedy. hour wait
2:00 leave vagina, va pissed off like never before, at least im awake
4:00 am rouse the gang o tinos to sing to their coyote so he doesnt fall asleep and kill them all. Pandora latino should do it, and did.
5:15 double blowout on the rollback, bout flipped it, I went around to the left, the guy behind me went around to the right. NOW im really awake. these guys are SOL and were 20 miles from home. Im out
5:45 19 hour trip from NY to RDU ugh took 10.5 on the way up
dropped the guys off to a flat tire at the shop and unloaded the truck to head back to the dump for all the $$$ stuff
6:45 back at dumptruck, guys have like a 5 hr wait on odd tire
7:45 arrive at my truck, shuffle tools and clothes adn DEAD BATTERY courtesy of my courtesy ring lamp :doh:
8:45 $111 new battery, oreilly's wouldnt warranty a second time but im off for greensboro finally!!!
10:30;10:45, 11:15 80 cuts off in mid stride, no warning just off
replaced the EFI main the first time and thought I had it. Each time just needed a pause it seemed. Fuel sock is clean this time.
1:00 finally home to my dog, a shower and some lunch at Pop's place
5:00 leave for the beer and pet store, head home 80 cuts off 3 more times :mad:
5:45 80 cuts off approaching a red light and no power assist or steering and no luck avoiding the explorer at the light. Guess ill have to quit calling it exploder cause this one was more like built ford tough. didnt look like my truck had just hit it and my ARB was into the DS tire hood and fender. impact was all outside frame rail though.
6:45 home with a sweet new ticket and mucked up 80 :cheers:
37 hrs without sleep and 31 on the road, managed a few beers and then managed to sleep till 3 the next day.

couple immediate thoughts were why is this thing cutting off?
It has run great here recently.
and why did I not have boost for the brakes? bad check valve?
thought it was supposed to retain pressure for just this scenario?

and a casual reminder/warning to all really. Your not stopping a built and perhaps stockish truck with manual brakes! I had no time for the Ebrake which in my case would be no help but will be working soon and the steering was so stiff and slow I didnt have the room to turn out of the way.
Dang man! That really sucks!! Hate to hear that. Glad your back in town though. Oh yeah, pics or it didn't happen:flipoff2:
i feel your pain, but you are home and alive. look on the bright side, now you have new project.
That is a truly amazing story of an epically catastrophic journey. Sorry to hear about the 80. Glad you're okay. Time to take a long weekend.
When it rains it pours! But that is one for the record books.

As to the car cutting off since you just changed your battery do you think it is the stock toyota fuses (can't remember name now) just off of that positive terminal. That sharp angle on them causes the shrouding to fall off and all sorts of issues with them. Mine had very similar symptoms and cost me a lot of money and towing bills as well and it turned out to be that 12 dollar part..

As to the brakes not sure about the check valve but thought the same should have at least had one push. Probably a bad check valve or leak as you mentioned.
So no ebrake... if you had time would you have slammed it into Park?
I'd thought the story was going to go along the lines of "there were these four hot blonde college co-eds in string bikinis by the side of the road offering a car wash for donations and when I stopped gawking traffic had come to a halt in front of me."

Not sure how you got by on so few hours of sleep. Glad you are okay and no one was hurt.
Damn. Just, damn.

:beer: R
:lol: That's an epic story man! I want to hear the long version over some beers in the near future:D
Yup, home alive was key. And I do have a new project, but I already had a motor/clutch/axle waiting on me in the p/u. new project may be temporary transportation.

When it rains it pours is right. The dumptruck going down only seemed like the last lick. Little did I know it was just the beginning of another chapter in the journey. It became somewhat comical after the gas station incident as you could clearly not script a better tale of woe but yet I was scared to say "what else could happen"

No working ebrake on mine, new cable in the garage but I didnt have time. I was trying to turn first after I realize there was no stopping it. I replaced the fusible link for the hell of it on breakdown number two but it is not the culprit; thinking the EFI main was fine too. Just real hot which could be normal.

Would I throw it in Park? maybe...... cause I got another one of those around here somewhere :D
Dang Jason, just glad to hear you are ok.
Wow. At least you didn't get arrested somewhere in there.

What about the coil and distributor module? Will it start right after it stops or does it take a while?
Yeah I can see it now... "subject apprehended on I95 with undocumented citizens and large amounts of cash"

it usually needs a five min break then will restart and run fine for a few min to half hour.
Just started on the drive home last monday and I honestly havent looked at it yet. seems to be losing spark or fuel though.

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