The "Not at AZRocks" Thread

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Because I just finished putting the truck back together after a blown headgasket.
Too much work. :frown:

no valid excuse - if tools had called me last night and challenged me to get up in the morning, i'd be testing my new bump stops...
Family stuff...
Stupid dental convention that I took my office to, and had already committed to before I realized what I had done....and unexpected company that came into town on Thursday:(

BTW is anyone running trails on Sunday??
I'm taking the wife and kid on the back road to Crown King for lunch. Wouldn't really call that a trail, though.

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because welding is fun!
Just got back from Tucson. My daughters team qualified for Odyssey of the mind state competition held in Tucson. Well worth the trip now we are off to the world finals held in Maryland. - read proud daddy

Also received the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award more proud daddy stuff
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Massive Honey Do's this weekend and the fact that I still need to get my seal between the AT and X-FER case fixed. Oh and I don't have my sliders from SROR either.:frown:
Went camping in Peppersauce canyon friday night. Hung around the house and drank beer the rest of the weekend. Wasn't really interested in AzRocks.
Took the boat out :cool:


Then drank through Phoenix the next day :eek:
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Happy to see all the great participation in this thread over the weekend! WOOOHOOOOO YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

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