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Dec 15, 2009
SF Bay Area. Silicon Valley
San Jose California, United States
Selling my modified M416 and trailer top tent
Trailer is a 1966 M416.
The good
Extended the tongue with a receiver end to accept an 2” type setups. The tongue is 2x3 .120 wall, and the end is .250 receiver tube. The frame is powder coated. The suspension is N.O.S. military wrap leaf springs with heavy duty H shackles attaching the back of the springs to the frame. New Rancho 9000 shocks. Dexter 3500# axle with 10” brakes with 6x5.5 Toyota bolt pattern. All wiring is solder, shrink wrapped, and sleeved when not inside frame tubing. Top rim of the trailer tub has angle iron welded on for a flat surface for the tent to ride on. A tailgate has been cut into the tub (in my opinion, I over built the tailgate as it’s a bit heavy, not necessarily desirable.) Trailer has 6 month old cooper STMaxx 235/85r16 tires on Tacoma steel wheels and the same in an older spare.
The tent is a Kakadu Bushranger 200. It sports a queen sized 6” closed cell mattress. The tent opens with a soft floored room on the drivers side measuring about 7’x8’ feet. It comes with the rear zip on 8’x15’ dirt floor screen room and walls that have been used maybe six times and then stored in the garage. I don’t currently have pics of this setup, and I’m not able to set this up due to a back injury at this time.

The bad.
The trailer tub needs to be stripped and coated. There will be holes to weld up either drilled or due to rust. I’m almost positive the lower part of the front bulkhead has some holes due to contacts with the frame. The fenders could use some work as they do contact the tires on good bounces. And as mentioned earlier, I think the tailgate is too heavy in my opinion.... bummer is, that’s my fault as I built the dang thing.

The Tent is 11 years old. It’s in good shape and never stored wet, but it is 11. I can set this part up and take pics if requested. There’s one area on the back where about 4 inches of thread have come loose, and there is a corner tube bracket that sports a small support strut that has broken a weld. Both of these are easy to get fixed, I’m just not motivated.

I’m willing to sell the two separately, but it would need a local pickup.
I’m willing to travel to deliver within reason. California, Northern Arizona, southern Oregon, and Nevada aren’t out of the question if okay splitting gas bill for delivery.

I’d like to get $5500 for both. If I have to sell separately, I’ve a party local interested in the trailer. And would take $3500 for the tent setup.
Would entertain a trade for 5x10 cargo trailer with 6’ interior height, or 6x10 or 12 cargo with similar height.

It’s been a fun combo, and has been through Moab, Death Valley, Arizona yearly hunting trips, and been go to us. Getting to the point where injuries suggest a hard shelled option with an actual bed.

Thanks for looking,

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