TB Change Due To Age?

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Feb 17, 2004
East Tennessee
I've got an 05 with ~85,000 mi on it with original timing belt, was wondering about folks opinions on whether or not to change it and water pump due to age? I've got a long trip coming up and have been stressing about whether or not we need to change it, now (as usual) I am cutting it close timing wise in terms of being able to get it to the shop before our trip. Both TB and WP look ok as far as I can tell. It seems like I seldom if ever read about either leaving someone stuck on the side of the road. I know the WP is really most likely the issue. Just curious to see if anyone has thoughts and are there many folks out there who have run original TB/WP past recommended replacement?
You can remove a cam cover and inspect the belt condition. Then look under the crank pulley for any coolant weaping from the drain opening (that indicates wp is failing).

Id be more concerned with heater T’s if they've never been touched.

Based on the sticker I found under the hood, this one should've had 15 years and 78K miles. You can see some surface cracks there, but those seem pretty superficial. The belt itself is damn strong, wouldn't have bothered me to run with it a while longer.
I just bought a 99 with 165k in which the owner claimed it never had a belt. I just finished changing it along with the WP and all the pulleys. The writing was still on the orig belt and the pump looked great. I've also got a tundra with the 4.7 in which I've changed the belt at 124K. While I wouldn't recommend this, but life happens. If you do the belt, it's worth the extra $ to do the pulleys tensioner, etc... I even did the ALT, powersteering pump and even the power steering hoses, since the originals felt soft. Odds are that would you would have an issue with a hose, pulley, etc.. rather than a timing belt.
I'd change it. BUT if you're cutting it close with your trip don't worry about it now and do it after the trip. It's never a good idea to rush on mechanical changes prior to a trip.
It's never a good idea to rush on mechanical changes prior to a trip.

Yeah, after major surgery I like to give it a good shakedown for a week or two to find any new problems that you created. Like that hose clamp that didn't get reinstalled properly where coolant seeped out when it got hot, even though I know better....
I’d change it. IIRC, the TB/WP service interval for an 05 is 90k miles or 108 months, whichever comes first. You’re basically at the mileage mark and well over the time mark...
My LX was at only 46K on the timing belt, but a little over 10 years so due for replacement by that measure. When I had it in to Torfab, they looked at it by looking under the cam cover, and showed me that it looked basically new. So I'm not worrying about it and just keeping an eye on the water pump until it gets closer to 90K. Just another data point for consideration.
Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned. I think Toyota's service intervals are very conservative. Probably needs charged sooner rather than later, but I wouldn't stress over it.
I've seen TBs that are factory on some engines that have 250k miles and 20+ years.

90k miles is very conservative on these engines. But yeah go for it and change it if you want to be a caring owner.

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