Tailgate Removal?

Feb 6, 2018
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Hi all. New to the forum. Just bought my first Land Cruiser the other week.

Does anyone know how to remove the rear tailgate from the car? I haven't been able to find anything other than the tailgate lid install for extra storage. It looks like there is a torsional spring that could cause problems getting it back on. Has anyone done this that can provide some tips?

The reason being, I am having some dents popped out of the tailgate with paintless dent removal. I know, I know, I'll end up putting dents in the car over time, I just have to get them out. Too OCD. The dent in question is on the very bottom, where the bumper meets the tailgate. My paintless dent guy can't get his light on it to get a good look at it to remove the dent. So I thought I'd take the tailgate off and give it to him that way.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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