1. acc1

    For Sale Sold 60 Series tailgate carpet complete

    Good condition grey complete carpet for tailgate. Male/female clips included for tailgate holes. $65 + shipping
  2. C

    Wanted 60 Series Tail Gate Carpet Kit or Parts

    Looking for either the full carpet kit for an FJ62 in Grey. I actually only need a few clips and the cardboard backing but will buy kit if necessary!
  3. dbcknghm

    For Sale 80's Series Landcruiser Body Parts

    Have the following and am trying to clean up ...from a 91 HDJ80 (small flares) in the southern US now in Winnipeg Canada...will ship, can crate the following: Not the original burgandy color code/paint outside and brown interiors. 204 612 2754.....dont check in here a lot so email or text...
  4. Chachi254

    Need Advice! Thoughts on putting a 1980 tailgate on 1983?

    Hey mudders, I have a 1983 Toyota Pickup long bed that was once a truck-bed trailer hauler, so the tailgate sat in the snow of Alaska for 20 years and rusted away. I found a guy in town that sold me a 1980 handle-latch tailgate but I'm unsure if I want to put it on the 1983 since it's not of...
  5. SteveH

    For Sale FZJ80 lower hatch handle

    Clean and unbroken, with screw. From a 1993 truck. $15 + shipping from 80908 (padded envelope). Steve
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80Door Lock Actuators, Window Motors and Regulators ETC

    SoCal FJ80 for all 4 doors, and Many Tailgate Parts Shipping available Any and every part from FJ80 Doors including gaskets, handles and all. Please send Private Message with zip code for shipping estimate. If appropriate, include interior color. All Power Door Lock Parts, Electronics, ETC...
  7. CarlSeattle

    Liftgate Eye Gouge Risk - Am I the Only Person to Notice?

    My 1994 FJZ80's rear liftgate is right at eye level for myself and my wife. Yes, we are tall folks. Anyone else ever make/find/buy some sort of rubber protector for the edges? Or am I being a bit too paranoid...
  8. TXBruiser

    Wanted White 80 Series Tailgate TX, CO, LA, UT, OK... RI, Boston, NH, ME

    Looking for a used White 80 series tailgate. I live in Texas, but willing to drive to LA or OK to pickup. Ill also be roadtripping through Colorado and Utah in August/September and could meet you for pickup. Also going to be flying to RI in July/August and driving to Arcadia, so if your in...
  9. bosohead

    For Sale For Sale: 60 Series Rear Window & Tail Gate - Las Vegas, NV

    Was removed from a Japanese RHD Diesel HJ62 Asking $150 each (tailgate & window) + shipping Pickup is also welcome! Located in Las Vegas, NV. DM for Phone# Thanks!
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Quarter Panels, Rocker Panels, body cuts to your needs

    SoCal Please let me know what you need. I am also advising you that shipping arrangements are to be made by buyer. Cuts will be to your specs, and you will need to be very specific Full length rocker panel cuts are $120 Rear Quarter Panels are $120 Roof is $150 without sunroof. I also have...
  11. D

    Wanted Upper Tailgate for 2001 LX470

    I'm looking for a rust free (as possible) upper tailgate that will fit a 2001 LX470. Color code: Mystic Sea Opalescent 6S5. Thanks! Dave.
  12. M

    Broken Clips on Tailgate mat cover

    While fixing a water leak I noticed two clips were broken off the tailgate mat cover in my lx470 so no it won't securely fasten. Is there a remedy without spending $300 on a new piece? Part # is 5857460060A1 and pics below Thanks
  13. Krondor

    Wanted Toyota Pickup Stamped tailgate

    This is a long shot, does anyone have an early 80s Toyota Pickup/Hi-lux embossed/Stamped tailgate? If you are near South Carolina, it would be even better. Thanks, Krondor.
  14. leitev8

    Wanted 80 series upper rear hatch around Tampa Florida

    Had an incident wheeling the other day... I'm looking for an upper rear hatch preferably in white around central Florida. I'm also looking for the carpet kit, gray color.
  15. B

    Tailgate Removal?

    Hi all. New to the forum. Just bought my first Land Cruiser the other week. Does anyone know how to remove the rear tailgate from the car? I haven't been able to find anything other than the tailgate lid install for extra storage. It looks like there is a torsional spring that could cause...
  16. offroadvegan

    Fitting a Truck Gun in the Tailgate

    I am wondering if anyone on here has fit their truck gun in the tailgate. I'd want to keep it looking stock, but basically 'unclip' the carpet to show a laser-cut foam board with some restraints, to access it. Any ideas? PS. Save me all the "your gun won't do you any good in the tailgate"...
  17. Gabriel 71

    Connector differences from 97 rear hatch and 91 rear hatch

    Recently replaced the rear hatch on my 97 with one from a 91 and all was well in the world until I noticed that the door ajar light is on the dash now,and I wanted the ask some opinions of the collective on as to why this happening. Is their a different pin arrangement in the connector. The 91...
  18. Goodname4id

    Newbie -1995 tailgate stuck in closed position - how do I open it?

    I cannot get my tailgate to open, even using the key. How do I troubleshoot and open it?
  19. Rustic76

    For Sale FJ45LPB 3 hinge tailgate

    Decided to sell off my original OEM Toyota tailgate from my 45LPB. It is a three hinge. I will be removing all hardware, latches, hinges that are needed to mount my new tailgate from Awl-TEQ. It is in solid shape. Not rusty. I'll let the pics do the talking. Asking $275 plus shipping. I'm...
  20. nuclearlemon

    Early 2nd gen grill and tailgate to late model

    Anyone know if it can be done? Ih8 the ford look so wondering if 07-13 stuff fits 14 and up
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