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Sep 2, 2005
Eugene, OR
After a year or so of you guys bothering me for some shirts, I finally have a box full of them sitting here. :p

Sizes are limited, colors are limited (as in there is one to choose from :D)

New page on my site for the shirts.

I've been trying to save up the pennies for a box of shirts for awhile now, turns out that there was a shirt guy saving up pennies for a tailgate lid, so....... :cheers:
Payment sent. Let me know if you need additional money to cover shipping!
Payment sent for a Medium.

I have no problem representing a kick ass product!
paypal sent for XL w/ US shipping address. Thanks
Awesome! I just ordered a shirt too! Glad to hear you got some more 80 series stuff coming!
Gracias! :)

I am finally getting caught up and installing today:clap: - and (as promised) shooting a video for you on the process...:idea:

Might just want those updated latches :hmm:

Film at eleven :cheers:
Just received my shirt today, great quality shirt and print!

Time to represent!

kevin- got my shirt today, and all ive gotta say is BLAZIN FAST SHIPPING!!

thanks bud
Kevin, got a package from you today, now I can sport my WagonGear gear!

Got my shirt. Like everything else Kevin does, this is top-flight!

Yeah, I'm thrilled with how the shirts came out, but I can't take credit for it,
Tim Goldsmith at perfpro.com set me up (he's here on Mud as well I think).
On top of being able to work a partial trade for a tailgate (so I could actually swing some shirts. :p) They were the first shirt place I talked with that actually gave me the impression I would get what I was looking for.

Hope you guys like them, I'm more than half-way through this batch now, looks like a set with some XXLs won't be as far off as I thought. :doh:
Damn, amongst all the fun today I forgot to grab a t-shirt. Oh well, next time I guess, :lol:
Thanks for the shirt, got mine today. I need to get out wheeling so I can waer it.

I like it, but it kinds seems like there should be something on the front of it. There emblem on the sleeve is a nice touch though.

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