T-case Question - is it worth buying a forward shift?

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Jun 14, 2013
Paso Robles, CA
I have an 88 4runner with top shift t-case. From all my lengthy reading I realize I need another top shift to run dual cases. I was at a junkyard recently and also on craigslist. I can find forward shift for ~50$ and marlin sells a conversion kit for ~150$. THREE TIMES THE COST!

Should I just hold out for a top shift? (i'm not in a massive hurry). Or are tehy too rare adn i should just get what I can?

I'll take any advice or personal experience, (even 5th party stories) to help me decide. Thanks.
I'd hold out to find a top shift. You can run a forward shift and duals if ya want, but personally I would wait to find a top shift.
Thanks, thats kind of what i was thinking. Looked like it would cost me too much to get it to a top shift. Well locking my rear and regearing are my biggest concerns right now.
Chances are that if you find a top shift, it is going to be more than $50. Since they are in demand for dual cases, people snatch them up. Probably still cheaper to find a top shift, though.
I too would hold out. Around here top shift TCs are a dime a dozen at the UPull.
I too would hold out. Around here top shift TCs are a dime a dozen at the UPull.

Where are you located pappy? I have cruised the junkyards in orange county and Bakersfield without luck. Can usually find a forward shift, but so far no toppers.
Albuquerque, NM

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