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May 13, 2014
What are the best sources for switches and switch panels? In particular does anybody make something that can replace the ashtray? I'm not using it and it seems like a perfect spot for some compressor/locker/light switches.

Just kidding switch panels are pretty easy to fabricate.
1) pick your switches and find the cutout template from the manufacturer
2) determine the outside outline of the panel.
3) draw a template fitting the switches in, spray artist adhesive on the back and stick it down on your panel.
4) cut the panel out of whatever material you want to use, styrene and ABS are easy to work aluminium is good too
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Spod has a few options - I did one for my 80 and loved the ease of install.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I especially like that spod unit. It's not cheap, but the ease of install may make that a winner. I'm wondering if I can fit one of their 6 switch panels into the sunglasses holder.
Check out @OregonLC switch panel that he made for the sunglass holder. Probably one of the cleanest installs I've seen and he fit 6 switches.
You beat me to it Oregon:mad:
lots of companies make nice switch panels - blue sea and moroso are 2 companies that immediately come to mind.

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