Sway bar for the 40

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May 1, 2008
Anybody ever consider or have installed a front sway bar on the fj40? I know the sway bar will limit the flex of the suspension but being that mine is for street use it would make fast sweepers or panic maneuvers a lot more manageable. Any thoughts?
Are you spring over?
No, but it's lifted with longer shackles and possibly lifted springs. All this was done by some PO way back. I have 33X12.5 and it clears very nicely.
Howdy! Might be easier to add one to the rear axle, like on the FJ 55's. You can always disconnect one side while you are wheeling. John
The sway bar that comes on the 80 series can be adapted with minor welding, haven't done it but it's on my list.

Please tell me more about this adaptation, I 'm all ears.
A front sway bar will increase understeer while a rear bar will increase oversteer

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