Swapping in a "new" 3fe

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Dec 28, 2010
Beaufort NC
Hey All,
I am putting a "new" used 3FE into my fj80. This Saturday I will be picking up a fj60 3FE from ACC in Hotlanta. It is in good shape, 155+ psi on all cylinders, and unknown mileage.

I wanted to see what you guys thought I should do before I put the motor into my FJ80. All accesories will be coming off of my 80. I plan on new plugs, valve cover gasket, and probably oil pan gasket because they are a pain in butt doing it with the motor in the truck, de-smog, and most other parts(air filter, wires, dizzy) are fairly new coming off the 80.

Anything else I should do while I have the motor on the stand for a month? I might paint some parts if I get bored...

From the 60 forum this is my list:
-side cover
-rear main
-oil pan
-front oil seal
-valve cover

Anything else??

What options are out there for motor mounts? Anyone use hockey pucks?
well you def have the important stuff down..

Rear main, oil pan gasket, i would do the intake and exhaust gaskets (why not). Clean the whole thing up and make it spotless so you can see potential failure down the raod. I know head gaskets are not really a problem with 3fe but why not do it anyway. It is 10000000 tiems easier with the egine out of the truck. I would also flush the engine block, replace the waterpump gasket...

Sorry im jsut rambling as things come into my head. I would basically do all of the gaskets, flush it, and clean it.
Good time to replace the water pump and all rubber hoses and bits. Replace power steering lines if they're starting to weep or the hard cooler that runs in front of the crossmember is starting to rot.
I would go through the cooling system from top to bottom.
Don't know if you have it coming out of a fj60 and a bit earlier model, but if it has an oil galley plug it would be cake to pull it, tap it, and plug it with a bolt or such. What about the oil cooler? Its rumored that they have failed in the past, maybe its not worth it though.
-Cooling system has been been replaced
-Power steering system has been replaced

Can I get some more information on the oil galley port.
What tranny are you using? The cranks are different between the 62 3Fes and 80 3fes.
80 trans. Just using the bare long block out of the 60

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