Sunroof issue (with video, in technicolor)

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Oct 16, 2017
Golden, CO
Okay Mudders, I've done a bit of research, searching, and reading up on the various sunroof rattling. I have located the issue of my rattle, but am unsure what the fix might be.

1. When closed, I can push the sunroof up a tad bit.
2. I can see what looks like a round... thing, that follows a metal track with a curve. clearly when I move the glass back and forth, the round pin (we'll call it) doesn't push the metal track up far enough, leaving some slop.

Here's the vid.

What can be done here?
If you remove the left and right snap on plastic surrounds, check that the 6 10mm mounting points for the sunroof glass are tight.
You can remove all 6 and push up on the glass to remove it to get a better view of what's going on.
The sunroof will always have some slop to it.

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