Stuck ...06 GX no power to axles.

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Aug 4, 2021
Need some help.

06 GX470 transfer case grinding/can't get into gear or move.

Driving home from work, get to a stop sign and have to brake a little abruptly which gives me the drive shaft THUD. Haven't had one in a while after living the shaft l.....but this time when I give it gas I get an immediate grinding noise and the vehicle is getting no power to the wheels.

Put it neutral and also shift the diff into neutral. Did lock engages. Roll it into lo.......and try to put it into gear. Nothing. Shift to park and it grinds a little. Same happens in hi.

Not sure what else to try here. Seems to be a diff issue? I can here it grinding but get no power to the axles

Anyone have any insight on what I should be trying?

No warning lights. No codes.
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I’d guess Tcase over diffs just because I can’t imagine both diffs popping at the same time.
Ya.....brain is fried right now. Came to my sense once I got inside and started looking at pics etc. Maybe popped the chain or output shaft?

Looking for instructions on dropping the transfer case now so I can try to diagnose what failed.
Cv is fronts only, even bad cv the rig should still move with rearend getting the power.. before dropping the tcase, remove the drive shafts. Then try putting it into gear and see what turns. If the rear is blown the transfer may not want to go into gear with the drive shaft installed. May be put the rig on jack stands and start spinning stuff by hand and see what is grinding.
Found the issue. Transmission output to transfer case input coupler snapped in two places rendering the power transfer inoperable as the transmission output shaft was just spinning inside the broken coupler.

Can't seem to find the part listed anywhere online. I did find one on eBay listed for a Tacoma/4runner. No part number listed though. Need some help locating the part number if anyone has any resources. Much appreciated fpr any input on this.



Glad you found the problem, but that is an odd part for failure, especially how it happened. Seems like there must have been a defect.
Glad you found the problem, but that is an odd part for failure, especially how it happened. Seems like there must have been a defect.
Found a couple of other post on Tacoma and 4runner sites. Same symptoms/issues. Same results. Under serviced transmission seems to be the culprit. Hindsight, never trust the previous owner.

Luckily it's a $300 parts fix. Fortunately I'm able to fix it myself with the help of a good friend. I imagine this would be costly at a dealer
Parts finally came in. The coupler I needed is only available on the t case input shaft assembly $220. It's a pressed fit and not easy to slide off.

Didn't want to have to crack open the t case and deal with all the seals, gears, bearings etc. Fluid looked good/no metal. Managed to get the coupler separated using a $29 bearing splitter from Harbour Freight along with a Harbour Freight press.


Coupler slid right into the extension housing carrier bearing with no issues. We then pressed it onto the input shaft of the original t case and got it all back into place.


Went back on way smoother than trying to pull it out. Dropped the trans pan and changed out the filter and did a drain and flush.

Everything went smooth.....truck runs and shifts so much smoother now. Don't even notice the shifts anymore. Did some quick stops with quick more clunks, stalls, or slam shifts. Super happy with the results.

Next up, timing belt, thermostat, idler, water pump, alternator, starter, and plugs. Hopefully no more surprises.

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