Stripped Crank Nut

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Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
Stripped Crank Bolt

Over the last 10 years or so I've been lurking Toyota sites on da'Web I've seen several posts about solving this problem. Thing is, I've only seen conjecture and great advice, but nothing from somebody that has actually done it. Sooo,

My front crank seal gave out just in time for CM2008. The bolt was slightly rounded and I tried and tried to be careful to get the sucker off without damage. NOT! Taking a clue from several posts I decided to weld on a socket to the bolt. As you can see from the pic the bolt has a very broad shoulder which made it fairly easy.

First attempt I used a 3/4" deep impact socket I had lying around. I didn't notice it was 3/8" drive until I tried to move it. Didn't matter. The welds didn't hold.

Second attempt involved a trip to Sears. I bought a standard length 19mm, 1/2" drive impact socket. This one I welded on real good - or as least as good as I could lying on my back.

Result? SCHAZAM! It took a lot of pull, but it did come off.

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pap, did you need to use a repair sleeve also?

I didn't. I probably should have considering the truck has 300K on it. I used a factory seal which is thinner than the aftermarket seals. I probably could have pounded it in further to clear the groove on the pulley.

I bet the heat helped out a bit too... Very nice Pappy! :cheers:

Ya, I thought that too.
BTW, I need to give props to the boys at American Toyota (aka CruiserDan's crew). I called them this morning about the availability of the bolt. Jim told me they usually stock them, but they just sold the one they had. He checked the other Toyota dealer in town and they had the bolt in stock. It was transfered from that dealer to AT and I picked up the bolt at 2pm.

I feel real lucky to have a dealer in my backyard with a quality parts department. :beer::beer: to American Toyota.
gotta ask, did you need to pull the rad? need to do this to mine as well

Nope. Only removed the belts. Also, I didn't weld all at once. I did one quarter, let it cool, then did another. Took awhile, but I didn't want to get either the pulley or the crank too hot.
had the stripped out crank threads problem once,threw the bolt away and tacked thepulley to the crank,if that engine is still alive and you now own it im sorry:whoops:

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