Striking out on alternator replacement

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
I’m striking out finding a replacement for my alternator. Any suggestions from the crowd?

what year and which plug on the back? Internal regulated or external?
I’m striking out finding a replacement for my alternator. Any suggestions from the crowd?

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would you like a Genuine NipponDenso 45A 50A 55A or a UNICORN cold climate arctic spec 60A

i have a new 85A that will require a new harness side plug connector too

- please POST photos of your 6 wire VOLTAGE regulator so u will receive the correct one in the mail

- i need to see back side layout please also post a few more photos please

watch all these TECH videos via my T-TEN Technical and educational topics i discuss in dept ....

then report back please \

thanks matt

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This is what I got. Zero interest in splicing on new connector if I don’t have to. Thought about finding someone to rebuild but how long is that gonna last? FJ45 long bed NZ spec. Dropped in a 76’ 2F salvaged locally after I realized that I may have actually been burning more oil than gas.
@ToyotaMatt zero voltage regulator that I can find. Is it internal?

that is NOT a IC Regulator NipponDenso UNIT ....

take several photos of your FIREWALL under your Brake Booster / master cylinder area

this is the DROID your Looking for :


Find a place and have it rebuilt.

why would one choose a sub-par option involving USA or China components over NOS Genuine NipponDenso Japan : Fit , Form and Function solution ?

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Is this what we are looking for Mr. Matt?

Nothing similar under my brake booster which on my rig is in front of my steering wheel.
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Toyota has disc./ NLA the 60080 for About 5-6 years now ….sadly

However ,

I purchased the remaining global inventory from the North American

Destination Market at that time and now am the caretaker of

The remaining NoS 27700-60080’s

So I have one for you …

Cause I like to support local businesses and stay within a realistic budget.

im a local business too , im right here sitting next to you
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People know what I mean. There are plenty of options out there. Also, you are not local to me or located in my same town or even close. I am not getting drawn into some debate with you.

have a great day,

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