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Jun 6, 2012
So this guy has been hanging around again. Used to be a day or two a month, maybe 6 months ago he stopped coming around for a while. He "lives" a couple miles away. I called the owner the first few times he started showing up but he didn't seem to care much. "Maybe I'll come by the next few days if I have time." He did come get him one time and the first thing he wanted to know was if we fed him... He has been sleeping on the porch or in the garage for the last week this time. I can't look at him and not feed him, but the guy insists that's how he's supposed to look... such a nice dog too, doesn't jump up on the kids and comes when you call him. Gets along fine with my dog but I'm worried he's teaching him to jump the electric fence which is keeping my dog from roaming the country and getting hit.. again.. A couple times I've found him sleeping in the ditch on the side of the gravel road various places and stopped, he gets up cowering like in going to hit him... what to do?
Jan 30, 2006
Grand Junction, CO
Either keep the dog, and tell the other guy to pound sand. Or at the very least call animal control-that dog is very underweight. You should not be able to see the hip bones protruding. If you were local to me, I'd offer to give him a home.

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