Stereo Dismounted

Aug 17, 2004
Humboldt Nation
Hit a bump down at the beach the other day and the stereo unit gave way from it's mount in the dash. Kind of fell inward. Took the glove box out(turns out didn't need to), ashtray and dash face plate to get to the stereo and push it out of the dash. Not quite sure how it attatches into the bracket in the dash. Doesn't seem to be any support at the rear of the unit either.
Heading down to Fun Day for PMC Fri night and I NEED MY TUNES.
Wish me luck.
Russ :cool:

Just thought I'd throw this one in for good measure


Jun 25, 2003
Boulder, CO
There are four threaded studs on the inside of the top half of the dash. IMHO the only proper way to mount a stereo in a 60 is to make a bracket that uses these studs to support the stereo. It involves removing the enire top half of the dash. Its a pain but once you've done it once, its actually pretty easy.
Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
2nd that 60wag.

I removed my dash, then took the stock brackets and cut the holes that mount to the four studs and used a bandsaw to make slots in them so I could widen the openening. Then I bent the brackets to the width of the DIN stereo, mounted the radio in while the dash was out and got it nice and tight. Then you just lay the dash back in place, connect the harness and bolt it all back together. The hardest thing is making a plastic plate to trim out the stereo opening so it looks real nice. My po had the stock trim plate in the glove box when I got it and ended up breaking one side of it off. I laid it in place when I mounted the stereo and it covered the open space on the sides just fine. You can probably find a similar plastic trim piece on older shaft style stereos in a pick-n-pull yard.
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