Stereo/CD Question

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Mar 24, 2008
Portland, Oregon
Hi All,

I'm a FZJ80 guy posting a question for a friend. He just purchased a '07 LX470 with 15,000 miles. He loves the truck but can't figure out how to play a CD! We looked all over the truck and could not find a changer. His rig does not have the rear DVD entertainment system. His stock dash has a button for "Disc" but when he presses it, the monitor reads something like "CD Device not attached". Any ideas what's up? Should he take it to a dealer to get a CD changer installed? How much will this cost? Other ideas?


It may have come unplugged, or someone might have wanted the nav more than the owner but couldn't get it out. I would say to take the front cover off and inspect the back of the nav unit and make sure it is plugged in.

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