Steering Cooler Install

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Jun 5, 2003
Sacramento, California
Today with the help of Cruiserdew I installed a power steering cooler on my 80. Everytime I go on rocks my steering system, specially the pump gets a workout. I've changed the fluid several times. Last time I changed the fluid, it smelled like burned oil.

This stress has taken it's tool on my power steering system. My pump is leaking, so is the high pressure line. They need to be replaced.

So with this new setup I'm hoping that the system will run much cooler. I doubt that Toyota engineers had 315 mm wide tires running at 20 psi at 1 MPH going over rocks when they designed the system.

Here's the write up:



Nice write up in your blog. Looking forward to reading the rest of the parts swap.
I just fitted one to mine, at a guess the one i fitted was maybe twice as wide as yours and i fitted a thermo fan to it abit of overkill but hopefully it wont burn out the steering system....

One thing that I've noticed on the newer FJZ 70 series pickup trucks is that the steering fluid reservoir is at least twice as big as the one on the 80. Having more oil in the system would help keep it cooler.

Do you know the part number for this larger reservoir?
I'd like to get my hands on one.



Do you know the part number for this larger reservoir?

Any chance this might be on Cruiserheads? I can't read spanish so all can do is look at the pretty pictures. Maybe Dan or one folks from outside the US has access to this info.

I talked with Christo some time ago when he was installing the full hydro steering and IIRC he mentioned using something similar to PSC's reservoir as a replacement to the small Toyota unit.
Not to hijack but WOW! I was just looking through Cruiserheads and noticed the value of bolivar is no where near what it was the last time I was in VZ. Unless I'm reading it incorrectly sirts and such for 30,000 bs.

I've asked around and no one knows that part number in Vzla.
Next month I'll be over. I'll stop at a dealer and ask for myself.



Very cool.
I like that reservoir. Looks like it has a filter too.

Umm Alvaro,

About those tiny, winy, dinky horns.....
Short in a relay???

I have a 1991 FJ80 landcruiser with what I believe is a short somewhere. After leaving the car parked fully charged for a week, the battery is totally dead. Also, when I brought it in for alternator / batter diagnostics at Autozone, the machine said the test was "inconclusive" and to check the connection to the alternator. The alternator is a toyota OEM and is approximately 1 year old. The test showed a maximum of 30 amps at approximately 2000 RPM

There are 3 wires on the positive battery cable (main power cable to the starter and 2 smaller cables. I disconnected the bolt and removed the 3 wires. The main cable produces no sparks when striking it against the positive bolt. The smaller cable (wire) produces a tiny spark when striking. The larger cable produces a bigger spark when striking, and I also noticed a clicking sound (I believe coming somewhere deep inside the dash?).

One by one, I removed each fuse and relay (under the hood and in the front panel) and struck the wires against the post, and the same amount of sparks and the mysterious relay clicking resulted each time. It seems that removing all of the fuses and relays had no effect on isolating the circuit in question.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is this clicking relay normal? Is there another circuit I could be checking?

Thanks for your feedback - tom
Alvaro, this is what i fitted to mine...
Alvaro, this is what i fitted to mine...

That's just not nice. Now Alvaro will be feeling inadequate again.:flipoff2: Especially since I found the source of the really nice one that he used and they make one that is almost exactly double the size of the one he used. Guess which one I'll be using....:D

Actually, this made for a reasonably clean install. I'm already planning a way to make the bracket even stronger so we can use it as another recovery point.(kidding)

Does anyone know how much cooling capacity is optimal?

You know me. I'm the one always trying things before others.
I think the little cooler will work just fine. Plus I'd like to add Christo's new larger reservoir. We'll see.
Having a larger cooler also means that the airflow through the radiator is somewhat diminished. I don't know where this begins to play a factor in blocking airflow to the radiator.


Great stuff Alvaro!

Im also planning on this mod, with new cooler or Res. new lines ect.
Im not planning on putting anything on the Rad.
With the extra capacity and surface area should be plenty good.
Figure Ill throw a nice little drain valve for ease of maintenance.

I agree Alvaro
Having a larger cooler also means that the airflow through the radiator is somewhat diminished. I don't know where this begins to play a factor in blocking airflow to the radiator.

Does anyone know what the effect on the engine's cooling system will be when blocking it with a smaller cooler such as the PS cooler? Perhaps you want at least a 1/4" gap or more between the two radiators to allow inter-air flow.

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