Steering Conversion?

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Jan 6, 2006
Reno, NV.
Does this set up look safe to you guys? PO's work.

Would ya'll recommend bolting as well?

There are no PS hoses to the unit. I don't know what this is off of. I do think it's a Saginaw (has a "S" on the top).

Seems to steer ok with the 35's.

Any suggestions?
Picture 002.jpg
Picture 003.jpg
Picture 004.jpg
Looks like Saginaw manual box. Could be off most anything. If you want P/S I think the bolt pattern is the same so swap boxes and add a pump & hoses. That weld on bracket looks like what Downey sells.
Thats about a hundred turn early camaro box, you will wear out your arms turning that thing, convert to PS soon, Larry
From the looks of the picture, there are two upper bolt that mount the box to the frame (and either one or two lower ones, hidden from view). Beside the upper bolt (the one closer to the radiator / further from the bumper) , it looks like the frame (the upper surface) has been clearanced or cut. This may have been done because the placement of the plate puts that bolt in the same place as the top surface of the frame rail (two objects can't occupy the same space at the same time).

Some might argue this set-up would be okay, but the frame in this area is going to see lots of loading. AT THE VERY LEAST, I'd spend an hour welding a plate on the top-side of the frame rail to cover the gap, get rid of a stress concentration, and distribute the load better. If you wanted to finish the job nicely, you might consider plating the outer surface of the frame rail (looks like the inner surface has been done), sleeve the front cross-member where the box/steering shaft pierces it, and maybe even box in the right hand frame rail (in front of the cross-member).

You've got the right idea fixing the goofy previous owner stuff right away...

Saginaw manual and power boxes do not use the same bolt pattern. I just removed a Saginaw manual box. I loved it with 33"s, but wanted more beef to go with 36".
If it is working with 35"s why fix it?
Some manual Saginaw gearboxes share the bolt pattern as the power gear boxes....
Thanks everybody for the info.

I will probably re-enforce what's there for the time being, at least til it brakes.

I was not sure where the box came from. Does have a higher ratio than what I deem as normal.

Thanks again...
Renoron said:
... at least til it brakes.

It is your steering.....

Waiting to do something with it " when it breaks " is not a very solid plan, especially with your steering....who knows, you may not get another chance to do something about it....

Good luck!

BTW the spacing is off on that bracket a PS box may not fit against the cross member, requiring more cut in the top of the CM, Cheers, Larry
Poser said:
Some manual Saginaw gearboxes share the bolt pattern as the power gear boxes....
I was not aware of that. Ive never seen one that matched, but I've only looked at them on Cruisers.
The part numer may be the same but the location of the box looks like the power steering hoses would require some trimming and reinforcement of the crossmember.

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