steering arms?

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Mar 6, 2002
I have drums on the front and rear on my 72 cruiser and I have to overhaul . So i figure might aswell go to some landcruiser disc brakes from an 85 fj 60 I am assuming in this swap I will have to switch the whole steering knuckle in order to get the calipers mounted.

do the fj60s have the same bolt pattern on the steering arms as a 40 ?? or are they like minitruck?

just wondering cuz I can get a set of 60 axles for cheep but I also want to get either hysteer or or a double arm for spring over suspension also I noticed that the tie rod and ends on the fj60 axle was much bigger than my fj40
yes, you swap the entire knuckle

yes, you now have the minitruck/60-series arm pattern

I ordered AllPro hi-steer arms yesterday, will be swapping minitruck knuckles and their arms on my rig on Sat the 28th, tech article and pics pending. Can give you a first-hand on the process.

It will be a good upgrade

Those all pro arms are NICE!

I think the AP arms (and most high steer type arms) are made for sprung over vehicles. If yours isn't SO, check for clearance first. Sorry I didn't want to sign up for membership in the photo album site (just trying to keep spam down) so I don't know if yours is SO.

I have spring over but the steering arm isnt setup yet
b -- bring your old knuckles and steering arms w/ you as spares for me on the next outing:)... I always wanted a spare for the passenger side!

jm: I think they are already going on a '72 in need of a disc brake conversion, tho the double-arm has no immediate future...

check yer emails too...might have whatcha need after yer bustage this weekend!

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