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Mar 31, 2005
Citrus Springs, Florida
How do you set “steering angle” if you do not have a “turning gauge” as listed inthe FSM?

Is the 23 and 30 degrees measured from the center of the knuckle arm or ???

Anyone have a shadetree mechanic way to do this???

Jerry D.
Steering angle.jpg
Would using a protractor secured to the top of the knuckle work? Using a pointer secured to the frame? Would it work to adjust the bolt so that the felt washer doesn't hit the back/front of the knuckle?
The old school way to do it is to sight along the inside of the wheels and then snap chalk lines on the floor corresponding to the line of the wheels. This is easier if you have someone hold the other end of the chalk line. Then you can use a protractor or trigonometry to determine the angles.
Thanks for the input. Looks like the line on the floor and turning the wheel should work out.

Guess this is something of a non-issue, but want to see if it helps with Birfield breakage on turns.

Thanks again,

Jerry D.

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