Starting revs

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
When the key is turned to start motor there is the 3 or 4 revs before the motor starts.
Is there spark to the plugs at first rev or is it delayed?
Does the injectors fire at first rev or is it delayed?
Is the oil pump pumping oil to motor at this time and is the delay enough to lube the motor so it doesn't start up dry? If so then this motor doesn't need Slick 50 :D no dry starts 8)
I will now have to find my sparkplug test light and see what happens.
Now I need a remote starter.
How do I test the injectors? I don't have a Qtip that long to swab the piston.
??? ???

Kurt, a little too much ATF in the Diesel fuel there? :flipoff2:
Slick 50 Joke, not funny :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: That's like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

:mad: :mad:

Slick 50 is only good for plugging your oil passages and trashing your engine. That stuff was responsible for more trashed engines than people not changing their oil.

I love $ other peoples' engines ::)

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