Starting, Adjusting Carb and Dizzy

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Jun 29, 2014
Cariboo BC
Hello everyone and thanks for the help getting it running, I have rebuilt the carb and installed a new trollhole dizzy. It starts up first crank no problem and idles quite well for now. I am going to use the lean drop technique for the carb but when i turn the vehicle off then try to start it up again it doesn't want to start. It makes it hard to adjust it properly when you have to let 40 sit for a while before it fires back up. Am i missing something? Could it be getting to much fuel? the sight glass on the carb is half full where it should be.
What exactly does "doesn't want to start" mean?
Won't crank? Cranks but doesn't catch? Cranks and tries to catch but won't run?
Have you tried pouring a little gas in the carb when it won't start? That will help figure out if it's lack of gas or lack of spark.
If you think it's too much gas (unlikely if the sight glass line is in the middle) then next time it won't start, look down the carb throat with the gas pedal to the floor and see if you've got gas dripping in.
It cranks but wont catch, i have had it try to catch maybe 10% of the time when trying this. I have not poured gas down there but when i push the accelerator i can see gas shooting in there so didn't think i needed to pour anything down there. After trying to crank i can usually see vapor sitting in the carb.
Just pulled the new plugs out and they are covered in carbon. So it is getting a lot of fuel but it is not fully adjusted for optimal combustion yet, is this to much fuel from the carb? or a by product of tuning stage? The whole ignition setup is new from coil to plugs.


Seems to start up with a couple of cranks now, even when i shut it off. We am now getting backfiring and run on. i suppose this has a lot to do with the timing
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This is why I only change one thing at a time. It could be a problem with the carb, carb settings, dizzy, installation of one of the above, or timing.
If your idle speed is close to spec, I'd start by adjusting the ignition timing. If not, start by setting the idle mixture to about 3 turns out from full in and then adjust the idle speed, then do the timing.
Try the hot restart routine: Hold the pedal all the way down but don't pump it. Crank engine and then let up on the throttle when it starts.
The hot start seems to be the ticket here. Got it timed, and carb adjusted. Took it out for a spin around the block. Works like a champ. Thanks MUD!
The hot restart routine also works on a flooded engine, like the ones where an antomatic choke sticks closed.

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