Squeaky Fan Belt

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Mar 27, 2003
My fan belt has started squeaking. Does it need lubricating or drying? I've got talc and WD40 to hand - is either one worth a try?

Cheers, Jim

Hey Junk - I put 'Junk' into Google and came up with this guy - is this you? :D

If it is a belt, I would replace it. Did this start up after your over-rev?

Maybe. In any case I would not put an oil of any kind on a belt(including WD40) on purpose. An old trick that works short term is bar soap rubbed on the sides of the belt. DO NOT attempt this with the engine running or it will be difficult for you to post the results :eek: .

I had thought that my belts were squeaking; turns out it's the alternator bearing that was the cause (spraying Silicon quiets it for a few days). &nbsp:Do I have a simple (permanent) fix for this, like swaping out the bearing?


Are you spraying into the alternator nose piece or are you refering to the idler below the alternator that rides on the inside of the alternator belts?.
Drizzle soapy water on the fan belt to remove oil, watch out for spray. Belt dressing helps keep it soft, available at most hardware stores and some auto stores.
Hey Junk - I put 'Junk' into Google and came up with this guy - is this you?  :D
LOL. No. That's the guy that beat me to your momma's place during her last 1/2 off sale. :eek: :D :D :D :D

Geez, you give a guy back his cruiser and he gets all feisty. :D :flipoff2: :D

I was referring to the nose piece - spraying Silicon directly to the center of this bearing suppresses the noise completely.

OK Frank,

Yes you can get just a front bearing. As I am not at work at the moment I can't be specific but it is probablly 20 bucks or less(+beers to do it). I am working tomorrow(7-5) as the dog is hungry. I will confirm the info and post back.


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