Spring wheel bearing packing party event?

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Aug 14, 2006
Oceanside, CA
When I was in CO, we used to organize a wheel bearing packing party where we would have all the tools and parts and get together in one place and we would all do our wheel bearings.

Any interest in us doing something similar, maybe next month?
No idea... Just throwing the idea out. If the weather is nice we just need a big parking lot. Maybe someone with a shop? Or get a vendor to host? We used to do it at a vendor shop, get a bbq going, and make a day of it on a weekend.
I wouldn't mind hosting. My 60 could probably use a bearing service.
So in other words , a bunch of guys getting together to pack each other's bearings? Must be a Colorado thing, I prefer packing my bearings in private. If Tim is cooking I will come by and watch everyone else from a distance to avoid grease splatter on my food...
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I've got a brand new set of front bearings ready to install in the 80, I'm up for it.
Well s***... I just realized I called the thread a paving party. Fixed now. @Loober. Yep... A CO thing. Live in the mountains too long and you'd pack a strangers bearings too.
Ha! I am in.
Would this process include Birf rebuild?
It's up to you! We used it more as a way for people to learn how to properly service the when bearings add that works be done once a year with the way we use our trucks.

We can make this into whatever we want. I just thought it was a good idea for a learning/maintenance event.

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