Spring/Shackle bushing help

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Feb 7, 2009
Kalispell Montana
Ok guys. I just went out and started taking apart my cruiser to install some shackle lifts to help with tire clearance. I went ahead and ordered some new bushings, energy suspension part number 8.2105G only to run into an issue that is confusing the heck out of me. The new bushings are not even close to the old ones. I went around town and tried to find what I needed today but all the replacements are the same as the energy suspension ones. When I try and make these work there is something like 1/8-1/4 inch of play in the spring eye. Pics below, any info would be great as the bushings I had were destroyed during uninstall of the stock shackles. :censor:

Do I have some other springs under my rig? I have no idea how to tell. If you need anymore pics or measurements let me know. :cheers:
We have different bushings for factory FJ40 springs, Downey FJ40 springs, and factory FJ60 springs, but I'm not sure on FJ55 bushings (have not looked up, sorry, busy). I don't know that the FJ55 and FJ60 share the same bushings---yours look even bigger than the FJ60's???
There are lots of differences and choices in bushings. It's best to go on MAFs website and look at their bushing chart, then order the application or size you need. The FJ40s are even different in the later ones-81-83. FJ60s are different and have a very thick shoulder, 55s are same as FJ40 for most of the run, unless you have aftermarket springs.

The bushing chart at MAF is your friend.
So how could I tell if I have aftermarket springs?
FF! You Rock that is exactly what I was looking for. DONE! Thanks man that is a life saver... hope I can get them before next weekend... Is SOR pretty quick?
There is a reason people write it $OR. I have had parts shipped next day air but I paid dearly for it. If you really need it, call them up and they can get it to you quick.


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