SPOTTED! Arkansas & Surrounding Area

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Sometimes see LC near me near NE AR. But most often on the road, in central AR, or visiting Bobby (as he’s working on my rigs).

BJ43 - LHD - 1978 - Pristine.
(Picture uploaded)

Spotted a nice Sequoia and another 100 Series at a small dealer behind the Mini Cooper dealership at Markham & Chenal Pkwy. The 100 Series has seen some offroading as it's got lots of love stripes on just about every body panel, but the undercarriage was spotless and it was running OME shocks with Open Country's. The Sequoia was pretty cool to see too, although I never knew they had independent rear suspensions....not a fan of that!

Sequoia and Other Cruiser.jpg
In Vail and Breckenridge this weekend. Couple of nice rigs. The 4Runner solid axle and EFI :cool:



Crap that 60 series GXL is sweet.. you don’t see those everyday in the states.. diesel, full float rear, probably 5 speed and dang good looking
Local truck that I haven’t seen in 20yrs. ‘85 Mega Cab

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I've seen one other of these "mega" cabs. The one I know of is in Arkansas and was built in Texas. The Arkansas version I found/saw had a stretched frame. Not sure the stretch length, but it might look cool if a guy could bob the bed . . . then again it might look a little dorky . . wonder what the wheel base is on something like that ...
Does anyone have any info on this rig?? I saw it today at Bradford Marine in NLR and it was absolutely immaculate. There wasn't a single dent, scratch, or even scuff mark on the body, and the owner obviously knows that so he parked away from everyone else. Either a perfectly maintained truck or a respray but either way this thing was in pristine condition - perfect body, rust-free undercarriage, and spotless cloth interior. It appears to have Middle Eastern plates as well as the rear tire carrier swing arm in the tailgate, chrome mirror caps and door handles, and headlight sprayers which I don't think I've ever seen on an 80 before (I could be blind though, I've just never owned an 80 so I've never noticed them on the ones I've seen before)

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How’s it going?! Finally Joined mud! That would be my Cruiser.

It’s a 1991 HDJ-81 triple locked turbo diesel imported from Japan! Took it to Bobby Moran at Cruiser Company to get some work done on her as you can tell with the new picture!


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