Wanted Spare tire carrier

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
United States
Looking for an OEM spare tire carrier for my 75' RHD LWB that bolts under the bed. One of the last pieces I need to find to put the bed back to original. It had a LPG tank under the bed when I bought it that I took out. Thanks for looking everyone!
I know of an old timer in my area that has one but wants $400 for it , I thought that was a little pricey . From what I remember it was in very good shape
Same here. Guy I bought my rig from has one, just got to pry it out of his hands . Do you need the crank part, crossmember, or both?
HA!! $400!! I knew I was going to pay a premium but wow!!

Well it's not like they grow on trees...

I need the whole shabang. I currently have nothing. If it looks like the unit on my 60 I'll need not only the cross member but the crank as well. I gotta look closer but I was unaware you could disassemble the crank part from the crossmember but to be honest it's not a part of my 60 I look at frequently.

If you guys wanna pass on contact info I'll haggle independently. And if any MUD members have one laying around for less than 4 bills I'm all ears!!
which style is on a 75?
the early ones are a manual lift up design made of round tube.
are the later ones a crank up design, like a 55 or a 60??
This poses a great question!! Can anyone illuminate everyone on what exactly I'm looking?

The crank up or manual lift up design?

I'm thinking crank up as that what was on my 72' FJ55 back in the day so it seems like Toyota wouldn't have had 2 different spare tire carriers going at once but then again what do I know...
Thanks for posting that link up cult. Does anyone know for sure what "model" spare tire carrier I'm looking for?
My 78' has the crank style, I'm 90% positive that's what you will need. Incidentally the crank assembly bolts into the cross member with 4 bolts. I wonder if the 55/60 series could be used on a 45? Any thoughts fellow mudders?
Perhaps this will help: My Parts Manual shows that the handle-bar spare tire carrier (51903-60040) was used until 6/76, at which time the crank-style carrier (51900-60081/60090) was initiated. If for some reason your rear tubular frame crossmember at the rear wheel arch doesn't have the two mounts for the swing hinge to accommodate the handle-bars, then you're likely good to go with either style carrier.

BTW, except for the period 3/69-4/69, the FJ55 uses the same crank part number as the FJ/HJ 45, for the undercar carrier when optioned.

I would agree with the previous posts. You should check your "bumper." Mine has a "slot" in it for the crank. It's the same crank as the motor. I could post a pick later- just gotta run now.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm going to be working on the ol' 45 tomorrow afternoon so I'll post up some picks of what I have under the bed and hopefully with everyone's help I can nail down exactly what I need then fingers crossed I can find one of what I need through MUD!
The easy way to tell which style you had was by the hole in the rare frame member for the crank handle. If you don't the hole it would be the old lift style. I picked a later style for my 65 pickup. It's off a 84 HJ47RV found in a local junk yard. Other then the end brackets it's the same as a 55/60 series style. Before finding this one I planned using one off a FJ55. The whole thing bolts to the frame. Brackets are riveted the main piece so doubt the brackets are there unless the main was too.
X2 living in the past. That's what I was trying to say, but it looks like I didn't make much sense. Here's a pic.


See the keyway for the crank.
Well it took me a week to actually get to a bit of wrenching on the 45. I'm pretty sure I am looking for the handle bar style NOT the crank style as Bear wrote in his post. I took a peak at the back number and definitely have no key hole although I think the original back number is long gone.

Picture 1 and 2 is me pointing to where I think the handle bar style spare tire carrier bolts up to the frame and I'm hoping someone can tell me what picture 3 is. Is picture 3 where the handle bar style carrier anchors? Picture 3 is on the back side of the rear valence/trailer hitch. Thanks again everyone!



Can't edit previous post on phone and realized it autocorrected bumper to number....twice....
Yep, handle-bar style. The three holes you're pointing at are where the brackets-with-pivot-tubes attach to the frame's tubular crossmember--two brackets, each with three short bolts. As kunzma said, the third photo is the location for an eye-bolt that pivots on a pin and goes through a slot in the cross-plate at the handle-bar end of the wheel carrier.

Or.....as LITP has stated, with some work, you could adapt one of the later crank-style wheel carriers--it all depends on your luck finding either of the two carriers and their related pieces and your desire for "period correctness" with your truck. And then again, some folks have given up searching, and mounted the spare in various places in the bed.

Best of luck.
Great thanks everyone!! I am looking for period correctness unfortunately. Ok so back to the point of this thread now that you guys helped me figure out what I need.

HANDLE BAR STYLE SPARE TIRE CARRIER WANTED . Anyone know of one that isn't in Australia or NZ, preferably in the Pacific Northwest?

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