Source for brake line tubing??

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Nov 28, 2006
Charleston, SC
I have a drum to disc converted 40 and the rear brakes seem to lock up quite a bit when I brake hard. I have a proportioning valve that’s been cleaned and want to get it installed. I’ve been trying to find the small brake line that goes between the master cylinder and the proportioning valve on disc brake 40s. Anyone know what size brake line is on our trucks and where I could source a foot or so of it?
What year? Should be 3/16” with 10mm fittings (unless it’s earlier truck with 9mm fittings). Any auto parts store should sell different lengths and sizes with the fittings and flares already on them, then just bend to shape.
I like the Classic Tube flare nuts. I haven’t had good luck getting clean bends with the tubing from the local auto store. Decent NiCopp 3/16” from Summit or the like is decently priced for 25’.
I used the same sources for mine and have lots left over. I just figured if he was doing 1 short line, the auto store stuff would work.
I agree on the bends though, even with a good bender the corners flatten a little.

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