SOA VS 4" suspension

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Jan 22, 2008
Oklahoma City
SOA to SUA. I have a SOA, ARBs front and rear, 4.88's and 35's. All is so new the nobbies aren't even worn off. I don't feel there is enough articulation with the SOA because the travel is limited to 1.5". Therefore, I am contemplating going back to an SUA.
Questions are:
What lift would I need to accomidate the 35's? I want to go lower than the 6" of lift the SOA provides.
What brand would best fit?
If I can't go as low as 4" suspension SUA, would anyone want to swap axles and possibly the 35's provided I would get 4.11's with ARB lockers?
Thanks, Guy
where are you located? we might be able to work something out.

btw, looks like most guys on here are running 5" Alcans with 1-2" shackles to run 35's or a MAF Safari with SR and can fit 35's no problem.

I am located in Oklahoma City. Thank you, I was looking at the Safari 4" with SR and after a lot of measuring, think it will work. I have a 3" Alcan on my Jeep and they make some incredible springs so I had planned on calling them this week. I can find housings for $350 each. But I don't know exactly how to change out the 3rd member and would need help. Would the angle of the cut and turn work to my advantage for a 4" lift?
why do u only have 1.5" of travel?

on my truck i currently have 33's but did have 35's before with the same setup i have now and only had minimal rubbing when flexed.

I have to admit being SUA has its disadvantages for sure for the type of stuff i hit or atempt to hit but i do flex pretty well being SUA. If my shackles would quit finding the rocks before the tires i would be much happier.
Just curious why the travel is limited to 1.5 inches? With SOA it's usually much more. Did you perhaps re-use your old and now too short shocks?

Something is very wrong with your set-up if that is all the flex you have, it should be more like 15-18 inches.
The issue is there is a threshold where SOA is about 6" of lift and makes your rig "big." It is hard to build a 60 series small SOA. For this reason I advise SUA more often than on, 4-5" of good healthy springs and you will clear 35's fine. I like SOA but you have to keep in mind the size of it. This pic is about the smallest you can safely get a SOA on a 60 series. If you are happy with a "big" truck then you will be fine. You can build truck small with 35's...
If things don't work out between you and Dirt Gypsy I live in Denver and might be able to do a little dealin with you!
This sounds very strange.

Dumb question: Are your shocks limiting your travel???

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