soa rear end question

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Apr 16, 2003
Retarded question about the rear end on a soa. Would it be possible to remove the thirde member and diff cover, plug the vent hole, rotate the brake assemblies and simple roll the axle 180, puting the perces on top. Then drill a new vent hole, Onlything I can see really complicating this would be the angle of the perches.
I wondered that too, but thought I was missing something. :slap:

I assumed it wouldn't work, but after thinkin about it, why not? Somebody out there must have tried this.
I'm not gonna say I officially know on this, but I do know this. When me and Mixmaster were SOA-ing the rear on my 60, we were sticking the diff back in to set the angle on the perches and such and we got the diff most the way back in, but it wouldn't drop in the last inch or inch-and-a-half. We tried "helping" it slightly with a hammer and it didn't want to budge. Luckily we were smart and stopped to take a look at what we were doing and seeing if something was wrong(instead of just ramming that sucker in)--we noticed we were trying to put the diff in the diff cover plate side... I wish we would have looked to see exactly what was holding it from going all the way in, but we didn't. Honestly it seemed that the diameter of the "hole" was just a wee bit smaller on the diff cover plate side than the diff side.

interesting bit, but if your just doing a soa, not lockering, or gear change, etc... at the same time.

Why do that extra work and just weld perches on top? also my pinion angle changed do to driveshaft angle difference, and if you do a CV you need to set at a different angle as well. I am none CV.

if you could change say your shackle length and use the stock perches flipped axle like your saying, to come out with a right pinion angle per your application, great, but only if your doing a locker or gear change, or disc brake swap or combanation of all above. Otherwise i dont think it would be worth your time.

I did my SOA in the time it would take you to disassemble the rear axle, and start to but it back together.
I think it would be just as easy or easier to just cut off the old perches and weld on new ones. JMO.

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