Snow - Raleigh

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
Club members local to the Raleigh area. Hit me up if you are out and about in this mess. Looks like it could get almost to a fun depth. Or if you or anyone you know needs some assistance. I plan to be out and about later in the day tomorrow.
Neither will Raleighwood now that I posted this nonsense. ;<)

The last time we had 4 inches of snow, it was a ton of fun.

This storm caught everyone at work. The one tomorrow hopefully will keep everyone off the streets.

I have a feeling we won't get too much, but if we do, I will (probably) lose power :lol:

Donuts in Moonshine is a given if there's enough out there!
Gotta love working for the city. When it snows or there's a hurricane etc instead of getting off of work, I have to go in early and stay late. 12 to 24 hour shifts plowing snow, scraping ice, and clearing limbs.
and we thank you... o unsung hero :)
Anyone want to give me a lift home from the airport tomorrow night around midnight? I assume Uber won't be an option ;) I also seriously doubt I won't be spending an extra day on the road. Ugh.
Definitely getting the popcorn out.

Interesting read this am as I see no snow on the ground and taking the dog for her normal walk.

To Infinity and Beyond!
We've got 3-4" on the ground now and it has picked up some in the last hour. I woke up at 4 AM to the sound of pounding hooves in the paddock behind the house. I got up and watched the boys running all over two paddocks having a grand old time. Fed them around 7 and their coats (horse coats, we call them rugs, as in the boys are rugged up)were soaked and mud covered from rolling. Seems snow is an occasion for a party :)
X3, like the look with the hard top Dave. Why is it I get the feeling that Dave will be playing with his 4WD and his Train Horns today ;)

Heather took her 80 to work with her today so I'm stuck.

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