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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
I received delivery on my snorkle last week and am now getting into the install phase. A nice gentleman has offered to ship me some nutserts and his hole saw to help me with the install. While up at my ARB dealer I mentioned that I was going to use nutserts instead of the factory plastic jobbies on the pillar they recomended I use well-nuts. Bought some and they look like just the ticket for what I'm doing. Basically you drill a 1/2" hole and insert this nut that is shaped with a brass nut on one end and a washer on the other. As you bolt up to it, it compresses and creates it's own gasket around the body panel. Since the snorkle is out in front in the wind the nut also acts like a shock absorber and reduces cracking of the paint and rusting. They have used them on mirrors and roof racks with great success. Here is a link I found on the well-nuts

What do you guys think. As of right now I have only found them in SAE.


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Mar 29, 2003
I've used 'em too, and I've really liked the results every time. If I was to put them in my rig and they were exposed I think I'd smear the crap out of them with silicone on the outer race where it slides into the drilled hole and then after the install I'd coat the threads of the fastener just for that little bit of extra water resistance. But I live in Washington and that would be me working on my truck.

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