Snorkel questions-One more time ;-)

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Sep 14, 2005
Russellville, Arkansas
I posted this message on the 40/55 mech site and got a few hits. I know there're folks who have done the home-built snorkel so I thought i'd try over with the pig pen. Basically, i'm interested in how to run the air filter off a weber w/o the landcrusier adapter (I have the square filter). Also, I'm interested in how to attach the upper part of the snorkel tube to the windshield pillar. Thanks for any response, ty
Looks like your's has the lay out I'm interested in. Way cool! It's even in the same redwhite color scheme my piggy is in. :) Did you ever take more pics of your snorkel or a parts list? I'd be curious what type of pipe would work best (what do you think is the minimal diameter?) and what kind of connecters keep out water if you were in deep water or heavy rain. Would you put more connectors to the body to deal with flexing when driving? Where is your air filter located? Any concerns about water getting into the air filter in a deep crossing? Could you give more details about the cap? Thanks! ty
Could you ask more questions? LOL let me see what I can do to answer some/all of them.
-Can't remember if I took more pics or not probably if you search through my threads you might find some.
-I used exhaust pipe because I could weld it and coat it the way I wanted. I looked at a type of plastic (abs? or something) but couldnt find anyt locally.
-I read in a 4x4 mag 2.5 inches minimum, there was a thread very recently in the 40-55 section about that as well.
-One thing I did to help deal with water at connections was make as much of it 1 piece as possible I also coated it with a ruberized coating to seal it.
-I dont think theres any problems with it moving while driving the hole coming through the fender is a snug fit.
-Made my own air filter housing, took the smallest filter I could find cut it in half and then made a box for it and sealed it in. Not worried about water getting in it would have to be 4+ feet to cover the air filter housing and maybe worry me. But at that point the whole engine would be under water and I'd have bigger problems.
-I made the cap, plan on trying to find a cap from a safari snorkel at some point but the concept is quite simple. The housing is a box, the tube comes through the bottom and stick up through the bottom a little bit. When water comes in it hits the back of the box and drops down and the air gets sucked in. Around the tube are drain holes. Also if you look the spot on the feder is lower then the carb so if a little bit of water were to get in there it would collect at that low point anyway. You can always just turn the intake the other way though. I have seen dozens of pics and video of snorkels now that dont have any kind of box just a piece of tube that faces the back with a slight downward bend to keep water from being able to get sucked in, water doesnt move uphill as I'm sure you know.
Hope that all helps:cheers: , and my pig is ORANGE:mad: not red :flipoff2:

Fanatic soon to be 2 time alumni they are the same thing.
Thanks again, Very kool. Sorry for the mistake on the color scheme. Cheers, ty
Snorkel to weber

I haven't ventured out from under the hood yet, but have connected the Weber to tubing to head that direction ( I am trying a new k&n air filter assembly out under the hood, but will eventually swing it over and out the passenger side. Here is what I used::)

99010.301 Weber to 3 1/8 adapter $33 from Carbs Unlimited 1-800-994-CARB (2272)

90CB30 Cobra Head Elbow 3" ID $21
AL3X24 Aluminum Intake Tubing 3" OD X 24" $11
TB338 T-Bolt Clamp for 3.25" ID Silicone Hoses 2@ $7.25
TB325 T-Bolt Clamp for 3" ID 1 $3.64

Here's a photo of the setup.

Greg :cheers:
sherman's new air cleaner.jpg
Man, I am super jealous of your engine and engine bay! Your weber setup looks mighty nice to boot. Do you plan to enclose the filter or swap out to another one for the snorkel? Also, tell me about your radiator and how it's hooked up. That's one fine looking engine! Mo details please! ty
I have a couple questions.
1. Is it just the angle playing tricks on me cause it sure looks like that air filter will not close under your hood without hitting.
2. How do you plan on running out the passenger side I dont think youll have clearance for 3 tubing anywhere in there unless maybe you loop back on yourself and run it back toward the firewall but in that case you'll restrict airflow with at least 1 very tight bend.
It fits...barely

I have tested the setup with the hood closed. I built a bracket to hold the air filter down just a bit from 90 degrees and the hood closes with about 1/4" clearance (including the insulation I lined the hood with. The part number is K&N RX-4750 (I think it was about $60).

I haven't messed with a filter box yet, but was planning to locate it between the battery and the firewall, going out the passenger side vent (I no longer have the stock heater fan, so I have some room on that side. I replaced it with a Classic Auto Air air conditioner and heater setup.) I was simply going to swing my current setup about 90 degrees toward the passenger side, again with a slight downward tilt. The cobra head elbow is supposedly designed for a tight radius without giving up air space.

I am not sure, but will probably build a box around this filter, and then go out the vent.

The radiator is from Be Cool. My old one gushed coolant so I found the Be Cool (Be Cool part number BCI-65002 from summit racing for $269) let me add A/C in front and an electric fan. The hoses are all custom i.e. I went to the auto parts store with dimensions and they looked for hoses for me. I built the radiator bottom bracket from two pieces of angle and the top with some light metal brackets. I don't know how well it does yet, but have test run it in the garage and it seems to do okay (my front axle is still apart). The fan I bought (SPAL from Classic Auto Air) has an electronic control to allow my new a/c to work (like a modern car where the fan comes on when the a/c comes on) plus it drives the fan at three speeds and lets me program high and low temps.

Hope that helps. I will try to post more pix, but since I am still new here I don't have much storage.

Greg :beer:

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