snorkel install question

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Mar 28, 2003
Marquette, MI; Jackson, WY
Hey guys, I need some advice. I'm planning on installing my snorkel today. I made the 60 mile round trip last night to go into town and get the appropriate drill bits and hole saw. Since it was after work, the only place still open was Home Despot. The snorkel install instructions call for a 92mm hole saw. The Despot only had 3 1/2"(89mm) or 4"(102mm). I figure that 92mm is pretty close to 3 5/8". What size did you guys use, that is, did you find a hole saw in a 92mm or did you use some other size? Any other last minute tips would be appreciated too. The sweat is already forming on my brow. :eek: :D
I used a 4". The hole is bigger than the hose by a little more. NBD. The base of the snorkel covers up way more than that anyway.

Mask off the surrounding area.My biggest fear was the hole saw would skip and bounce across the fender.

Be prepared to talk to lots of people you don't know and get a lot of very strange looks. You might as well just post a FAQ on the side of your rig 'cause you'll get tired of answering the same questions all the time.

What is that thing?
What's if for?
Do you really drive in water?
How deep do you go?

I honestly get at least one person a day ask me one of the above questions. yesterday I had 4 long conversations with strangers because of it. :D
Up - I intentionally went with small bits, preferring to use a file to get an ultimate snug but good fit. &nbsp:Definitely use masking tape - don't whimp out as you're about to start :D , take your time, trust the template, make sure the crease of the snorkel aligns with the indentation of the fender, use touch up paint or even rustoleum (since it will be hidden by the snorkel anyway). Get some good marine grade caulk - black ozzy and you'll be good to go.

LOL with Gumby's comment about the questions - get used to it. My wife really hates when people wake up our son by beeping their horn and trying to yell in the window "what's that thing" etc. Neighbors will talk, strangers will stare. I've found liberal use of the bird usually gives them some reason to look away :D 1/2 joke :D .... then you'll start making things up , like telling the rice boys it's an external speaker for when you hang in your hood, maybe tell some it's a flame thrower cause it's an exmilitary vehicle, tell some it's a gun for people that hang in the fast lane, but hands down my favorite is just to look at them a little weird, maybe even hop out real fast and go stare at it, then look back at them and say "holy poop (edited for B :D ) I wonder how long that's been on there? I've had this for about a year and never noticed it before." :D That really gets them wondering. :D :D :D :D
I used a 3 1/2 inch saw. I also cut a piece out of the template to clear the antenna base. Use a liberal ammount of good quality masking tape around the holes. Keep TOTAL control of the drill. It will try to kick-back when cutting the big hole. If it catches it will try to take it out of your hands. Don't force the cut, take it slow.
I got it done. Not too much collateral damage either. :eek: ;)

I finally set myself up with the the right drill bits and hole saw and it went pretty well. Well, other then the loss of skin on my arm from cramming it into the fender to secure the 2 bolts closest to the door, that was a pain in the arse.

And you guys are totally right about the attention. I've already had a bunch of people gawk and point at it. My girlfriend refers to it as a 5 foot penis extension, ha ha. :D

Anyway, feels good to have one more mod off of my checklist. Next is el wincho.
Up - if you can find the girlfriend at night, now you know to look out the window.

Did you get the squared design or the rounded one? Just curious, cause with the newer round one there wasn't much prob with the back 2 but with the squared one guys used to always cry unless they had girlie arms like BMT.
Did you mount it on the correct side of the cruiser. :eek: :flipoff2: Well, post a pic already. ..... I'm sure some neighbors already took some to tell the police that someone just mounted some foreign looking object on their truck. :D Just wait till all the chicks at the mall see it. :D :D
If it's slide film find a lab that can do pull processing and have them pull it one stop. If it's print film don't worry about it as they will adjust when they do the printing. Print film has about 10 stops of latitude whereas slide (transparency) has only about five. A slightly advanced photographic technique is to go the other way and set the asa one stop faster, say 400 instead of 200 to gain speed with longer lenses and contrast. Also, FWIW all that is required in pull or push processing for slides is altering the first developer time. The other five steps stay the same. $.02 worth.
Thanks Bill, some good info there that I didn't know. The pictures turned out fine. I have them posted in the Chat section. They are kind of fuzzy from my scanner but the actuals were good. I'll tell you what bugs me though, my telephoto lens doesn't allow me to capture some of the cool shots where I need to be in close vicinity. I have to get way back which usually prevents me from getting the shot I want. I need to invest in another lens.
Yeah, don't worry, Upcruiser, about the film. For iso400 neg film, I typically rate it at 320 anyways (2/3 stops overexposed). Those high-capacity labs hate it when people increase the density of the negs by overexposing, as it slows their printer output down. You typically get richer colors, though (or at least denser negs :) ).

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