Smog and cat

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Slightly Disturbed
Feb 3, 2006
Does anyone happen to know what the difference in inlet and outlet temp should be on the cat. I know outlet should be higher, but by how much?

Infrared thermometer said inlet 417 deg, and outlet was 485deg, so roughly a 70 deg difference. It that enough?

Any advice is appreciated.

Dynosoar :zilla:
Hi Tinker,

The only temp mentioned in the emissions manual is a temp of 1,445 deg F as the temp when the AI system will divert air away from the cat.

Dynosoar :zilla:
200 degrees is what I've heard. Also I've looked in the FSM, emissions manual, and Haynes and I couldn't find anything.
I guess it depends on how clean the engine is running on the temperature difference. I would measure mine and post it if I had a IR thermometer. This was from the link below.

For every 1% of CO in the exhaust gas stream the exhaust gas temperature will rise by 212 F
The low temps were taken at idle after start up I did not drive it around first. I was just trying to see if the was a difference from the inlet to the outlet. I will drive it and warm it up properly and report back.


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