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Sep 23, 2005
But at least movement. Had some rust issues in the rear end. I know, you're shocked. So this is the way it went.

Cut out the rusted areas on each side.
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That rear edge of the floor had to go too as you can see.
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Got a piece of 16 ga. metal and welded it in place, the a complete rear sill from CCOT went in.
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All this work, BTW, is by a friend from Chile, Daniel. Except for the metal based filler he's pretty old school about things and is very intuitive. He'd never even seen a Land Cruiser before. It took me a good day to get him to stop asking me about what I was going to do with the J**p once it was finished. My Spanish is improving immensely!
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A lot of work. Whew.

Nice looking skinny tires - what are they?
Last bit of work, and last for the body, is the dash. Gone are the holes for the ash tray, cig. lighter, & radio. The rest of the body is very good. Sand blast of the bottom and some of the inside but mostly a sanding job in store before painting in a month or so. Body is going back on so I can first figure out the FJ60 steering and the roll cage. Then it'll come off for the sand blast job. Hey, it's only money.
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Tires are Super Swamper narrow s.s. Think the tire stock no. is SAM-14. Totally impractical for the street but I wanted to go crazy with the first set just to celebrate being done. Uh, the celebrating will be some time in the future, but hopefully not too far.
Can't recall the price. Bought through 4 Wheel Parts here in SoCal. I'm thinking, and my memory really sucks, in the $700 to $800 range?
Might want to drill the holes for your dropgate hooks first Vic.;p

Glad to see this turning the corner towards completion. It's kind of like picking up the binoculars at the racetrack to see the horses rounding the far stretch. Pretty soon it will be much easier to visualize....for everyone! Give yourself a finish date, post it up, and try to stick to it. It's good to have goals like that.

Hey, Mark. Yep, we're going to do that this Saturday and then finish off the body work. My goal is to finish before the upland bird season opens this year, the third Saturday in October. We'll see, but I'm going to put in an effort. That undoubtedly means you'll be getting more of my money.

Nick, she noticed it right off. But I think she waited until she calmed down some to ask about it. Think the tailgate's figured out.

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