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May 3, 2009
I have a 72 FJ-40 with a chevy 350 and sm465 transmission with transfer case with marlin gears. I flat-towed it and had some oil come up and out through the boot in the cab. Once home I found it didn't move into 1st or 3rd easily, 2nd and 4th were ok, but not great. Anybody have any suggestion about what happened, and what to do?
I have flat-towed it many times without dropping driveshaft, and with everything in neutral with hubs unlocked.
Thanks for any help!
Off hand the 1rst & 3rd issue would seem to be a needle bearing issue (only thing common to both) or a snap ring failure on the counter shaft. Either way both would be addressed in typical rebuild.
Gear oil out of the shifter is odd unless there were either deep water involved or transfer case oil migration.

Pop the top hat and a PTO cover: check for and verify what types of debris are sticking to the magnet; check the shifter forks and synchros.

I had an issue with worn synchro dog springs.

Best of luck let us know what you discover

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