slobbering 4 spd

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May 17, 2012
Sandpoint, ID
I picked up my 60 last month and have been in the process of chasing/ fixing leaks. My latest one is coming right out of the top of where the shifter mounts. After removing the boot and unhooking the shifter, I came up with a plastic type seat and a rubber gasket. None of these items appear to have excessive wear, however trans oil is going right by them and running down the case. Oil level in the trans is full. My engine is a 2F to a 4 spd. Anyone have thoughts on this? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
check the fluid level in your transfer case. When the transfer case input seal starts to go, gear oil is pumped from the transfer case into the transmission. the transmission should only be filled up to the filler port which is about 1/2 way up the side of the transmission case, on the drivers side. Oil should not be leaking out the top of the transmission, unless it is over-filled, or the truck is upside down.
2X on the transfer case pumping the oil up into the tranny, real common problem. Spector even has a hose set up to even out the overload for those who can not afford to get the input seal fixed or lack the skills to do it themselves. I had run one for over a year before fixing my seal. :)
Got it guys, thanks and will do. Currently about 1000 miles from my Cruiser so it will unfortunately be awhile. If the seal is shot, is it best to go through the whole tranny and X Fer case at the same time? How does the hose set up work? Thanks again-
To get to the seal you have to remove the transfer case from the transmission, which means completely disassembling the transfer case. In my opinion it is worth it (especially the first time) to remove the transmission and transfer case from the truck to do this, but it can be done "in situ".

The hose is a simple device that connects the transmission fill port with the transfer case fill port using a short piece of rubber tubing. because the transmission sits higher than the transfer case, as the transmission fills up, the oil runs down the tube back into the transfer case. This works great for a situation where oil is pump (by the transfer input gear) from the transfer into the transmission. If the leak goes the other way, this fix won't help. You can make this device yourself (there is a thread with a parts list), but fittings that will screw into the threaded filler holes can be difficult to find, depending what your resources are.

both Spector and man-a-fre have these kits
Awesome 2mbb- thanks, that makes perfect sense.
I believe I have the same leak, I de-greased everything and believe small amount of leaking coming from the linkage on the 4 speed. So believe I need to check fluid level in the and if too high it will come out of the fill hole, that might solve it maybe for a while, and hope it was just over filled. But if it happens again, assume it is pushing from tans case, and the $75 SOR part will be ordered.

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