Should this axle housing be replaced?

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May 27, 2012
Temecula, California
I've attached a picture of the driver side axle housing of my '72 FJ40.

Notice how chewed up it is. This was caused by broken bearings.

Is the condition of this in such bad shape that it is potentially dangerous to continue to use?
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File it down a bit, maybe some emery cloth, call it good.
The only place that makes any contact with other parts is the axle seal and the trunion bearing races, all replacable. Just file/grind/sand downt the rest. Outside of ball housing needs to be smooth for the felt wipers that slide over them, but I don't see any damage there. John
Hit it with a grinding burr, clean it well and call it good.

As inkpot says, all other important parts are replaceable.
Stuff a rag in the axle tube so whatever filings and such are not introduced into the axle housing and ultimatley your carrier, ring and pinion etc.
[/QUOTE]While you're there, a little more grinding and you can fit longfields.... (you'd need fine spline axles)[/QUOTE]

Is this the infamous snowball effect? :popcorn:
and a lift and locker
but in all seriousness, you may want to consider swapping out those course spline axles for something stronger.

If you broke the course spline ones once, you will probably break them again. (my swapped out course splines only lasted another week with the LTB's)
You will also need to swap out the spider gears in the differential
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