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Apr 16, 2003
I found an 84 with 120k miles and a great cab. the bed is shot and it needs a clutch. The guy wants $800 for it. Should I buy?
no fuel injection, but otherwise it's one of the two better years for the minis. Price sounds good to me!
Check the frame. They are known for rusting out behind the fuel tank. If the frame is shot, it's still a decent truck, but $800 is the top end of what you want to pay.
if you're looking for a truck... then buy it!

If your not looking and just found it... you might want to hold off unless you have a lot of room. :D

84 is the first year of that body style (84 to 88). It has solid front axle and the doors have wing windows (last year).

120K on the clock is no big deal, its just getting broken in.

Atoyot... I have an 81 longbed in the yard you can look at... it needs a cat for smog but otherwise is good to go.

Tony in Healdsburg
82 hilux, 85 runner, 81 lwb 4 sale, 82 parts truck, 87 parts rnr
(these things multipy like rabbits)

$399 from All Pro Offroad
This takes care of the bed problem
You should get it and then you will have a real toyota ;)
Oh damn it...why did ya have to go and show me that Hyperlite...I was all set to cannibalized my 84 xcab...until you showed me that. Damn it all I'm back in indecision land again. Damn it all ???
I got mine for $200, then spent another $200 on the bed. After that it was a fun truck, but it's days were limited due to a cashed frame. I traded it, (with full disclosure) for my drivetrainless T-100. I wish I would have kept it for the axles and driveshafts, but I do like the T-100.

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