Should I? AC question

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Jun 28, 2011
Cedar Creek Lake
My compressor makes a loud clicking noise in the morning for several minutes after start up. Then it clicks every once in a while thereafter. It sounds exactly like a torque wrench clicking but louder and rapid. It quit cooling so I ordered a new compressor, dryer, schrader valves, and o rings from coolstream. I got tired of being hot waiting on the parts(they came super fast, thanks Rex!) and decided to add some Freon and hope for the best. It was low and It works great, still noisy but blows cold. I am driving across Texas next week to do some communications disaster relief work in Ruidoso. The question is: Should I go ahead and replace everything this week, risking messing it up, or take the parts with me and hope it holds till I get back? In reality I will will wait till it fails again or do it in the fall if I do not do it this week. Anybody with experience? How long do noisy compressors last? It is a lot cooler in Ruidoso than it is here and AC will not be as big a deal, the trip to and from could be tough!:mad: I did not know I was headed to New Mexico when this started, and obviously did not plan for the ac to fail, yea it's been noisy since I bought it in April.:doh:

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