Seat Replacement

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Jan 1, 2006
NE Georgia
Anybody have any advice/experience with an easy swap for 6o series seats either aftermarket or preferably junk yard take outs like bmw or something with some bells and whistles?
use the search function, it has been beaten to death. Get back with us if you have any questions.

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Easy swap for a seat with all the bells and whistles does not exists, unless you have the cash to make all custom fab work easy. I installed the seats out of a Civic SI in about 9 hours of work. It would have been quicker but I did not modify either the LC or the seats.
Like Silvia said, there is no cheap or easy seat replacement for a 60 series. If you're willing to pay the money to have custom brackets made up, it CAN be easy. I put Mazda MX6 seats in my 62 and it's probably the best large sum of money I've spent on my truck. I have a thread here detailing what all was done.
Check the search function. There is rumor that late model Volvo seats will fit with little/no mods. Then you can have the heated leather bells and whistles.

Check search, it is your friend.


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