For Sale Seat Frame for Aftermarket Seats

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ok here a few pictures of the seats to be used.measurements are as follows 14 1/4 inches side to side and 18 inches front to back both are center to center measurements
is that summit kit the one your running on the black seat(red cruiser) on page one?great idea i would like to be able to adjust the seats forwards and you need to know this before you build a kit?thanks for the suggestion
Aftermarket Seat Frame

No it's not, the seats came with the slider, but it looks exactly the same as the Summit sliders. The cool thing is it will not matter you put the little tabs on the frame to fit your sliders so the Summit sliders will work.
sorry i haven't been on mud in a you would use the tabs that you supply in your kit then mount them according to the summit seat brackets?correct?is the center console tabs for a tuffy or cool cruiser of texas?whats your address to send a check and did you say your lead time was 2 weeks thanks nathan
Aftermarket Seat Frame

Hi Nathan,

Yep The brackets in the kit attach to the Summit set adjuster, and yes the center brackets are for Tuffy box or the CCOT box, I think they are the same?? I dont know buy I got mine from CCOT. I'll PM you with the rest.
The chick on that ccot page is smokin!
sorry cumminscruiser i should have a payment to you in the next week or so,still have to order summit brackets,and i found a smittybuilt tow bar that they don't make anymore,so i had to jump on that keep you posted, again whats the time frame on building and shipping out thanks nathan
Are you still building these? If so how much for a 1978 with extended fuel tank to 95658?
Sounds good sent you a PM.

Hello, I pm'd you a while back about these, sorry I did not get back to you.

What are the lead times on an order? I will pm you as well, but I need to order one for my 40.

PM me paypal details as well as lead time and I will send you a payment asap.


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